Bounty Garmantuous Walkthrough & Information

Bounty: Garmantuous might be the final bounty in Excessive on Life.

Your goal is to kill Garmantuous who’s the chief of G3 and save the galaxy.

Right here’s a walkthrough & information of Bounty: Garmantuous in Excessive on Life.


Say goodbye

Earlier than you allow for the battle, say goodbye to each Gene and Lizzie.

High On Life: Bounty Garmantuous Walkthrough & Guide

Take the distant bomb on the desk.

High On Life: Bounty Garmantuous


Clear the G3 out of the Cul-de-sac

As quickly as you arrive, anticipate warp bases to look.

Take out all the G3 members and you should utilize Lezduit to clear them out simply.

High On Life: Bounty Garmantuous Walkthrough


Preserve transferring

Use Lezduit to destroy the obstacles in your option to transfer forward.


Clear the G3 out of the yard

Extra warp bases will present up. Defeat all the G3 within the yard space.

High On Life: Bounty Garmantuous Guide


Discover a path

Use the waypoint and comply with it. You’ll have to undergo the massive pipes.

High On Life: Bounty Garmantuous wiki


Clear the G3 out of the street

Kill all the G3 on the street space.


Filter the G3 warp bases

Two huge warp bases will spawn right here. Take out all the G3 members.

High On Life: Bounty Garmantuous tips

Earlier than you allow, decide up two crystals from the warp drives.


Regroup within the park

Head to the park or simply comply with the waypoint there. Let the weapons speak to one another.


Discover a path ahead

To proceed forward, use Lezduit to destroy the crates and enter the pipe.

You’ll be utilizing every gun’s potential to get via. Decelerate the fan.

High On Life: Bounty Garmantuous how to go

Use Gus to launch discs on the hotwall.

Then use Creature to shoot his child into the outlet to disable the barrier.

Lastly, use Kenny to shoot down the platform along with his glob blast.


Defeat Garmantuous

Head to the middle and look forward to Garmantuous to reach.

The primary a part of the battle is the place he stays on his small ship. You may deal a whole lot of harm with Lezduit alone.

Simply be careful for his orb assaults. They’ve sure patterns and you could dodge them.

High On Life: Bounty Garmantuous boss fight

High On Life: Bounty Garmantuous how to win


Set the bomb

Place the distant bomb into Garmantuous’ gap.


Kill Garmantuous

He’ll then convey out the 2 folks he thinks the bounty hunter loves; Jack Black and Susan Sarandon.

As they’re not his dad and mom, Garmantuous kills them anyway.

Now, proceed the battle with Garmantuous however he gained’t be utilizing his ship now.

He does the wave of poisonous sludge assault just like one of many Skrendel Bros.

After beating him, stuff Kenny via the outlet to manually detonate the bomb inside Garmantuous.

Wait on the aspect for Garmantuous to blow up. You’ll then discover that Kenny survived the assault.

The bounty ends right here and the credit will roll.

After the credit, you may nonetheless proceed the sport. To return to Blim Metropolis or different locations, you should utilize the portal system on the Bounty 5000 machine.


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