Assist Kiko’s Ghost Pals (Walkthrough & Information)

Captain Kiko is without doubt one of the NPCs you’re required to assist in Zen Zone of Soccer Story.

You’ll discover him within the graveyard space and solely after you’re carried out with serving to the senseis.

Right here’s a walkthrough and information of serving to Kiko’s ghost associates in Soccer Story.

Use the digicam to find Captain Kiko and discuss to him to start.

Soccer Story: Help Kiko's Ghost Friends


Assist Kiko’s ghost associates

Use the digicam to search out three of his ghost associates within the graveyard space.


Free ghosts trapped in bushes

One of many ghosts will ask you to free his associates trapped in two bushes in Zen Zone.

Go to the closest tree Treede and he’ll let you know to search out his buddy trapped within the northern tree.

Now, go to the northern-side tree.

To free the northern tree, discuss to him first.

Then, you’ll discover 4 golden charms.

After speaking to the tree, run across the tree 4 instances clockwise. 

You will note the “success” phrase come out if you’re carried out.

Now, go to the southern tree close to the graveyard.

Speak to the tree first to start the problem. Then, run anti-clockwise for thrice as a result of it has 3 silver charms.

Speak to Spooko once more to finish this half.


How you can get pirate flag

One of many ghosts will ask you to search out his pirate flag.

Soccer Story: Help Kiko's Ghost Friends (Walkthrough)

You’ll get an odd map. View it by means of your stock.

Soccer Story: Help Kiko's Ghost Friends ( Guide)

Head to the waterfall space on the northeast a part of Zen Zone. You’ll see {that a} piranha is obstructing your entrance to the waterfall.

Speak to Zashi who’s standing on the pier. She’ll let you know a couple of sure fish bait that may be discovered on the Woodland space.

Now, utilizing the map given, go to the northeast nook of Woodland. You’ll see a “X” on the bottom between the goalpost and the elevated floor.

Dig the world for the fish bait.

Soccer Story: Help Ghost Friends (Walkthrough & Guide)

Then, return to the waterfall and fish for the piranha.

Soccer Story: how to get rid of piranha

Enter the waterfall.

soccer story how to enter waterfall

You’ll see some unusual markings on the wall which is said to Crab Seaside. 

Mainly, you’ll have to shoot your ball on the palm bushes in accordance to the numbers 2, 4, 1 and three.

Go to Crab Seaside and head north. You’ll see the numbered bushes.

Shoot on the bushes following the order II, IV, I and III.

soccer story palm tree number guide

Now, swim to the cave.

Take the pirate flag within the chest.


Defeat 4 mushrooms

The final ghost will ask you to defeat 4 completely different mushrooms in Zen Zone.

For those who go across the city, you’ll see boards which give the clue on how one can defeat the mushrooms.

soccer story how to find fish bait

Every board is used for a selected mushroom.

The board on the dojo is the proper reply for the mushroom just under the northern river.

Do Shoot, Suppose and Deal with thrice.

The second mushroom is beside Captain Owl.

Do Deal with, Suppose and Deal with.

For the third mushroom, you’ll discover the symbols on the soccer area.

Now, go to the mushroom on the dojo and do Move, Shoot and Shoot.

The final mushroom is positioned close to the graveyard. The board can be under the graveyard.

Do Suppose, Suppose and Shoot.

Speak to Kai if you’re carried out.

Return to Captain Kiko to finish the hunt and later return to Grasp Lojo to start out the cup.


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